I woke today after a strange dream. Hell, I woke yesterday after a very strange, sad dream. So, I ponder if these uncharacteristic dreams mean something. I’ve been recovering from the stress of a sundering. My life is in flames, and the only person I really trusted, turned on me. So, now I am floating in a world hostile to me. I’m an alien among aliens, a stranger in a prison you can not see. A hostage ensnared by the true enemy.

I wonder if I was ever truly like the rest of you. I play games, telling myself that I was raised this way. Then I realize I was responsible for that responsibility, because no one else was going to do it right. I come up with excuses for my imprisonment in this material plane, yet they never truly fit. It is all to find reason in this madness.

Magick could have been the villain in my story. Then again, it has saved me over and over again when the enemy was on the verge of victory. There isn’t an answer, there is no help, and I am still and always alone. My only peer is my mind, and my only friends are spirits. The enemy licks its lips, waiting for its next attack.

I don’t even know if I was born. As far as I know, I am an Alien for real. I used to joke that my mother was a test tube. Seriously, that is no way to think when living among humanity. It separates, divides and spatters the will.

I don’t know, the Gods want me alive, they made that clear, I should be honored, but all I feel is that being the Alien among you reminds me I will never return home, because it no longer exists.