And Americans Fail Again

With the elections over, and the American people settling back into their comfortable state of lull, I wonder. Did we learn anything? Did this crazy time bring security, or did it further divide us? Was it because of the mass of trolls crapping all over every social media site they could? Or was it that because Americans know something has to change, and they don’t care what that change is? Do they even know what needs to be changed, or are they cutting off our noses in spite of their faces?

I’ve been pondering these questions for years now. However, this last year has shown even more dissatisfaction in the forefront of my thoughts. More than ever before. Even a member of my order fell under the weight of this deluge of negativity and hate. So much so, that I decided that I could no longer deal with him.

Worse still, my respect for my countrymen has plummeted to an all-time low. It doesn’t matter what side they take, there should only be two sides, us against them. ‘Them’ being the people in power making decisions for us against our wishes.

Speaking about the before-mentioned brother in the order, I honestly could not believe what he was saying. In the 30+ years I’ve known him and worked with him, I’ve never been at the point where I was forced to shut him down completely. It was so bad that I kept providing him a way out with security checks, just to make sure his accounts hadn’t been hacked. Still, overwhelming hate and rage came across my messaging.

In the heat of the moment I was baffled. Every fact I offered he ignored. Every time I tried to point out that his words were not his own went off into the ether. So extreme was his tirade that I began pointing out that his dramatic language and sometimes his Christian like arguments were exactly that.

Christianity as a whole is entirely ignorant of the facts. If one brings up a actually verified, historical, fact, they ignore it. This too didn’t dissuade his blatant desire to spout bullshit. Which I would assume would get him thinking, he is a magickian after all.

Even in the one MMORPG I play, the bullcrap raged in the general chat. Here’s the thing about that: you have to buy into the bad mojo. To believe some of the most unbelievable bullshit, you have to want to believe it. Belief is completely subjective, and as such, it subject to your desires. So, what does that have to do with the people who burned their bridges to their families and friends?

It’s simple really, if you are so fucking willing to harm those who love you over lies and or your belief. If you find yourself believing antisocial propaganda, what is it that you want? Deep inside, what is more important to you than those who know and love you? You ain’t getting out of here alive, and in the end you don’t know where you are going when you are dead. So, why offend the people you love with words from other people that aren’t fact? Or even if they are, why are you pushing them away? It’s madness!

Of course, if you’re a Christian, you have faith. So, when everything is proven, and all the other Christians are spouting the lies, you have your faith. Not in God, but in those people. It doesn’t matter if you’re a genius or a moron. Your belief is only one grain of sand on the beach of all of the human sand.

In the library of the human’s internet, not one person has mentioned the truth. These antisocial trolls had built up their support, as well as their framework when people started dropping dead from the Covid virus.

And off they went, telling people it was a hoax with an erection and a smile. Typing and puking out all sorts of unrelated reasons why it was being pushed on the people WORLDWIDE.

As if even our enemies had all agreed to push this hoax with us. These trolls just turned their guns at the election and fired. You know what this sort of bullshit is called in war? Psi-ops