Common Sense

Common sense is a survival trait in the insanity that we are forced to live with. It really doesn’t matter how complex the situation, or how obscure the truth. Following a line of logic to it’s most common denominator, will reveal just how fucked up the world is. In addition, finding the motive in any action becomes habit, not magick. It is as easy as cutting out the excuses and babble.

Back in 1986 or 87 (new year), you would have found me in church in a big way. I was attending churches all over southern California and also going to divinity school. Yep, surprising? Well, not really, but to you this is perhaps. Still, even back then my peers recognized something special about me. They even struggled with the concept, if I was able to do the things I can do, are they from God or the devil? Most of them had no common sense.

So, on one fateful night, in the new year, at the rose parade, I found myself on the street all night witnessing. Before you get to the normal disdain of this, I generally just stood in one place and people came up to me. My peers never could figure that out. They were slandered, yelled at, and threatened.

All the while, there I was, with a group of people around me, discussing Christianity. The secret was common sense. I wasn’t preaching at them, often I didn’t want to talk about Christianity. I wanted to talk about spirituality, which lead to Christ anyway.

Anyway, on that night, we had gone into some church or the other. This was because everyone wanted to meet Jim and Tammi Baker. For some odd reason they were there, and right when I saw them I knew beyond a doubt that they were frauds. Being me, I said as much.

This caused all sorts of admonishment. My group of supposed friends railed into me how rude it was. To me, those hypocrites were doing so much harm to the message. All, hypocrites were doing so much harm to the message, of the gospel.

Yet sadly, emotions were fuzzy back then, and I had not suspected that my friends where the biggest hypocrites of all. In the end, they became the idiots and fools who eventually taught me that there is no Christianity in this world. Likewise, they were the steps in which I climbed back to my birth, magick.

Anyway, one of them looked at me with an anger born of fear. One that was so intense, her eyes were watering. Desperately she professed, “don’t say things like that, you are going to make it happen.”


Back then, I wanted to be liked, so I was quiet about it. I probably fired off some bullshit about how it is god who makes things happen. Like Yahweh would care to begin with. It wasn’t psychic power that caused this, it wasn’t magick, it wasn’t even intelligence. It was common sense pure and simple.

Everyone at TBN are a bunch of frauds and charlatans. They always have been. As a group of mammon worshipers, they put money before the message, feeding off of their viewers. They brand an ugly, plastic, image of what they think believers want to see.

In the end, they are nothing more than con-men/women. Even if there was one Christian at TBN, they would be accessories to the con. Sin is sin, and the only sin that has ever been here on this planet, is that which we create. In that, those fruit loops spouting we are creators, are correct. We create sin. We are innately evil creatures. GO TEAM!

In this new age of enlightenment, they (being marketers and the mindless contributors that accept it) have even changed the word free. Free is no longer free most of the time unless they say ‘completely free’. WTF? All common sense does is ask the question, ”how are they profiting off of this?” Or, “how does this action benefit them?” Yet, barely anyone asks these questions.

I know all of this through common sense. I know that money is the driving force of nearly every man, woman and child on this planet. It has been proven to me over and over again. As a matter of fact it is so clear, that there should have never been any doubt. As I keep saying the real God of humanity is mammon.

Now a little Hermetism:

When the Aeon changed in 2001, the all the fruit loops and hippies cried out that the age of Aquarius was coming. In that they were not completely wrong. It was actually, the age of the double-headed wand. A time of enlightenment and understanding. We have developed the internet, computers, cell phones and satellite communication. The world is at your fingertips. So is history, science and disinformation.

This time is darker than ever before, when it was supposed to be a golden age of light and knowledge. We as a species, seriously need to get in touch with our common sense. Sigils fly around everywhere, all the ancient texts, codex and libre are free for the world to view. Though-forms, servitors and demons run rampant. And where are the Christians to combat this?

There aren’t any, they are all just as bad as everyone else.

If you are fooled it is your own laziness and apathy. Common Sense will light the way.