I read an article recently on why people attract to negative narratives. In the script writing industry recently, it seems like this has become an overly used style. Villains become protagonists and the main characters are merely reacting to the overwhelming stupidity of the writer. It’s a daunting tool that’s so overwhelming it has become rancid.

I find myself fast forwarding through every scene that has a villain plotting their dastardly schemes. When people obviously lie, and or give false testimonies this too, is an instant fast-forward. It ends up with a forty-five-minute episode clocking in at around twenty to thirty minutes. And guess what? I don’t lose the story or plot at all.

The article in mention basically made a major leap. It said that the reason we watch this garbage, is that we are innately horrible people. This is very dangerous thinking. It is like the author is giving a license for people to be shitty. It is also on par with the clique, ‘its human nature’. Yet, infants gladly offer their favorite toys to strangers. Though not always true, it is more common than not. So, those newly formed humans prove that the concept that human nature is shitty, is a wonky premise from the start.

Sure, up until the age of six years old children are basically sociopaths and have to learn how to take others into consideration. Still, they share and play selfishly. They have to be taught to share and some never learn this skill. Yet, at the core, newly born infants are a blank slate that society hasn’t graffited.

Destroying Negative thoughts

I wish I could say that I overcame my overbearing negativity through magick. Sadly, this was not the case. I wish that I had a five-minute spell that could remove depression, sadness and loss, I don’t. Where I found the solution to ease my artificial suffering was in science, neurology in fact.

The first step happened when I realized that emotions were simply a mentally forced illusion. Every emotion we feel, is a chemical thrown into our systems. I learned that just because I feel it, doesn’t make it a real concept.

The second step was changing my thoughts that produced these chemicals in the first place. All emotion is a reaction to a stimulus.

It wasn’t easy, I was seriously suffering. Not just because of my journey through the abyss. I had a very unfortunate childhood. It became evident that I had to separate what was real from what was false. My findings became so clear that it was amazing! There were so many lies that I told myself. These lies were difficult to decipher, as the world of humanity had taught them all to me as the way of being.

My journey dealt with destroying self-created thought forms, servitors, bad cliques and social dogma. As a side benefit, it helped me to see where, (not only had I destroyed my own spells often), I had been in a vicious cycle of self sabotage. It was painful and destructive for a very long time. That is what the new skull cult website is all about. My journals during my time in the abyss and the destruction of the well-knitted illusion surrounding me.

As you grow older your tolerance for these type of things dims. Your life has elongated throughout time, and you see commonalities that have not changed. Sadly, when, it comes to negative media, I haven’t seen much of a change. What I have seen is a change in the focus from hero to villain, and as a writer I find this irresponsible and malicious.


We as a people, tend to use our past victories as an excuse. We spout propaganda and rhetoric as if it were fact. For example: the United States can no longer live off our heroic self-image. We currently are not in a state of true freedom. World War II has been completely overshadowed by poor management decisions, fueling dissatisfaction with our way of life. It makes us overly negative to start with, as our world is completely out of anyone’s control. So, we cling to the false belief that the United States is the greatest country in the world — which is completely false.

We stray away from the real issues and lean toward surface issues that are sometimes entertaining or at least inclusive. Many of these debates are negative in nature and often out right misinterpretations or distortions of the truth. This leaves us with an entire modern discussion that is damaging to our mental/emotional health and our spirits.

This current national trend of making everything negative; like sexism, racism or any other *.ism you can think of, is a way of taring down individuality and dividing and conquering. You all buy these falsies because you are being brainwashed by retards.

Just take the time to question everything you think for one day. Not lazily, use every chance as a chance to search your normal thought process and view your thoughts as an observer. I DARE YOU!