Script Kiddies, Hacking And Other Lame Young People

You probably don’t know this, nor do you actually understand it, but I have been hacking since 1985. Of course, after a time I began legit penetration testing, network security, and I had a pseudo annoying career doing it for a living. Usually, I got hired as a coder, and when they noticed my network and hardware knowledge, I would get forced into the system admin roll on top of my other duties for the same pay.

So, when I tell you punks that I am getting tired of your weak, download script or install Kali, and do some tutorials to hack methods, it really does aggravate me. If not, completely insult me.

There is nothing here for you to own, and you are obviously unable to pawn me. Hell, there aren’t even bragging rights on this site. You are just a bunch of maladjusted morons who have no idea what you are doing. This site is not your personal testing ground.

First, this little unknown website is my personal little slice on the web. It’s a very simple site. However, what isn’t simple is the security. Due to your never ending stream of malformed client calls, your malicious attempts with bots, and accessing old exploits, I am loosing my tolerance for you. I won’t even go into your clumsiness. So, I will be hardening it more.

Slapping Down Some Hacking Knowledge

Hacking is magick!

First off, the best hackers in the world read a lot. We read white papers, books, and we search for information like mad people. We always have coding skills, not programming skills. Likewise, we don’t regurgitate code that we learned on a ‘how to page.’ Also, we may use common tools as they are already written, though generally that is for information gathering.

I agree that hacking is cool, if you are really a hacker that is. It is also very tedious and boring. The problem is that people are hired to hack now days. They’re not crackers, and they probably don’t even know what a blotto box is. BTW, if you modified the build they did work [see that is where reading and understanding comes in].

Some of the best scripting tools for hacking are Perl (yes it still lives), Python, and C. Visual Basic was awesome (well over its freshness date), and I believe you can still use it for easy tasks. Website hacking is not high level hacking, everyone makes it look so important, it’s not. Hacking is corrupting a firewall, or encrypting a database. True hacking takes social engineering, wits, acting, knowledge, and persistence, with a healthy dose of OPSEC.

So, go find something good to hack like banks, governmental databases, and corporations. Leave me the hell alone.