The Greatest Lie

Ever since the dawn of civilization, humanity has been failing. Monetary systems have always been the force that makes up our planet’s advancement, and these systems have never worked. They are simply rotten to the core, and they ensure that there will always be inequality among the living beings of the planet.

Likewise, this black magick concept ensures that there will always be a division among people. It insures that the environment will continue to be depleted and it slaughters thousands of species living on this planet daily/yearly. Those who worship this false god ignore the destruction it causes, because they can not live without it.

Moreover, we have a very long and painful history with this magic as a species, it has always been this one constant. Every dynasty abuses this curse, it is hard to reason out and yet, still irresistible. Those who have it, use it as a weapon in every facet of life, and those who don’t are constantly thwarted by the very virtue of not having.

Society and even the planet is constantly trapped in a state of suffering due to this age-old curse. Case in point, in the past, even the mighty Spartans eventually fell to Athenian coin. Humanity has not changed one bit in the last ten thousand years. If Gods exist, Mammon is truly the God of this world. Screw your idea of Satan, the god in the hearts and minds of humanity is assuredly Money.

It is so entrenched in our daily lives that it even has it’s own scripture:

Money is the root of all evil

The almighty buck

Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure helps

Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache

What a sickly way of life! It isn’t like the value we attach to wants and needs are real. Even the guru’s of this god know that it’s value is based on our want, expectations and desires. It is about the furthest thing away from sanity and reason you get. To be free of this curse is impossible it has to be destroyed and banned in the soul of humanity.