This Aeon

I remember when the beginning of this identity began. I couldn’t stand my brothers and sisters on the path. We would talk for hours on how they planned to imitate the ancients. Inside, I knew something new was coming, I knew those old ways were soon to be over. Still, to this day these things need to change. The invocations, evocations and rites have to be renewed for a new alignment of the current Aeon. The Pleroma moves in odd ways, the emanations are difficult to reach. Yet, you all are content with sigil magick on a mass level, because you are uninitiated and sigil magick works.

I blame this over use of sigil magick on those foolish seventies chaos magick fools. Back in the day, they often sounded like sigils were the only thing necessary.

The body of the invisible is now playing pantomime in their minds. There mental masturbation is awkward in this age of byte. The worst part is they are upholding our oaths. Thus no new information is being spread through the outer body. The ways in which we communicated are gone. Now, it is like the five of swords. To find the others is an exercise in futility and defeat. Every correspondence is different, twisting and turning into something new.

When the world should be freed by the Aeon of MAAT, dirt magick rules the world of humankind, and in this it all becomes black. It almost feels like the left hand path is overflowing and the right is empty. The middle pillar is crumbling and the wanna be’s are reveling in their cleverness.

The goal was never dark. The goal was to light the fires within and embraced in agape’ march forth bettering the world. Like the Catholics and their evil vile coup’, the mundane of the day are trying. It is time for all who have actually attained to mold the world around them.