I am a Misanthrope

In so being a Misanthrope there are a few things I should point out.
You know, for the sake of getting along.

I’m not going to hold back my opinions for your personal sense of comfort. Be warned, in this relationship dear reader, I am posting from the point of view that you have no deductive reasoning or truth in your brain.

If you are still with me, I think it is important to point out that I’m tired of being censored.

These new social censorship rules have become horrible. Due to the fact that I make you angry or uncomfortable, I have no right to my opinion without being flamed, trolled or looked down upon. This type of social censorship has been growing to epic proportions in the last four or five years. Censorship is bad. Likewise, removing one’s ability to defend themselves is also wrong. Unless of course, you are the abuser to start with.

Being a misanthrope means that I hate you, all of you. The fact that you are human forces me to hold you in utter contempt. I live with the knowledge that you are all make believe and that you are destructive and slaves. Everything you do, say and act-out is pretend. You will completely (and, sometimes argumentatively) object; it doesn’t matter if you know what you are talking about or not. It only matters that you copy others.

I’m sure there are some worthwhile intelligent people out there. Many of them probably feel as hopeless as I do. All these little slices cut out of our freedom is now leaving huge, ugly, gashes in the flesh of our lives, and you are all responsible — every one of you.

It is you that has forced me to hide my identity, it is you who has destroyed my life, it is you that has allowed every sin known to man to be committed upon me.

Many of you think the Gods/God will forgive you. I hate to be the harbinger of sorrow, not really. Your Gods are thought-forms, every single one of them exists only in your minds and souls. There is no God in this universe. Only the beings are out there. These higher beings are beyond you and without you. They exist beyond your science and understanding, and they are not human. Likewise, They do not require you to survive nor do they think like you do.

The Destruction of the viral sapiens

Changing the subject, many of you wonder why Aliens, if they exist, will not talk to you. Have you really thought about this? Since the dawn of humanity we have been at war. We spend more effort and resources on war. Actually, more than any other thing. It isn’t only on the battlefield, it’s in our entertainment, it’s a sport, and killing is the one thing you do well.

Arrogance, Narcissism and megalomania are the new axiom in which you thrive. The death of your moral systems is the manna in which you feed. Has your species ever committed one act of good for anything but itself? The world is dying, you are responsible, yet you don’t care. You still waste water, trash the world and raise the heat.

Now here is the real reason I hate you. I cared when I was younger. I fought for your freedom in the hope that you would repair the damage. I helped build and invent tools for you to do so. Instead, you took those tools and weaponized them. You are the scum of the universe.

Out of the hundreds (if not thousands), of people I have met, only a handful have been decent. All the others have lied, betrayed, raped and tried to murder me. Still, somehow by hating you I am flawed. So, keep on going down your road of self-interest that leads to self-destruction. You are too stupid to survive.

Silentium est obsequio