Sedition, Treachery and the American way

On January 6th 2021 the decadent masses of the United States of America stormed the castle, ie. the capital, in an act of stupidity fueled sedition. They didn’t protest loosing their jobs for only a pittance of relief from those who took their jobs away in the first place. They didn’t protest their continuing loss of liberty or a slew of other offenses against them. These fools protested the very core of our democracy, dressed like vikings, soldiers and sports fans.

The Lies

All the disinformation that every news agency, and our inept congress likes to blame, actually began a long time ago. Sure Trump ran around calling anything that didn’t support his point of view and lies, ‘fake news’, but this started way before he got elected.

People like Alex Jones, Gary Allen, and multitude of streamers have been pumping anti-establishment garbage for years. Our world keeps growing scarier and the noise has become louder.

However, these want-to-be soothsayers do not preach hate, they dish out the fear. I’m fairly certain that you can gauge their audiences IQ by their acceptance of the unbelievable bullshit. In the end, scared people act violently a lot of the time, and they begin to hate what they are afraid of.

Treacherous support

All news is good news

As such, news agencies have been growing large in ad revenue off reporting on these fools. Honestly, wireless communications can give you COVID? How is that even remotely physically possible? Not even Boss (the makers of the actual foot-peddle), know.

Oh, context, some idiot from Italy was passing around the schematics for the Boss Metal Zone foot-peddle as the schematic for the 5G virus spreading device. I mean the idiocy of it just makes me cringe.

Back on point, this nonsense (because that is exactly what it is), could have had merit. It could have been a chance at real change. Because, let’s face it, we are fed up. It isn’t only us the people in the united states, the rest of the world is fed up with the United States bullshit as well.


The degree of face that we have lost due these fools, is a step into the abyss of disrespect that is going to take years to rectify.

Unfortunately, it’s we the people’s fault. We have kept hiring ineffectual, useless, podium hoppers who don’t know what they are doing and think they do. We have listened to sedition and treachery as if it was normal, and we are loosing more freedom now, because we are too stupid to discern the truth.

After the dust settles we seriously need to have a self intervention and decide if we are actually worth anything as a society. Sedition is one of the most serious crimes against Democracy, enacted by traitors.

Take a good look at those seditious traitors in the capital riots, they are the ones who actually support fascism. All they achieved was attacking our right to vote, which is our power as citizens of the United States of America.

The Capital riots were a sad picture of how childish and stupid the American people are.