No life matters

The internet used to be my bastion against the stupidity that rages outside. All the problems began occurring after phones slowly began connecting to the net. It was amazing how the overall IQ of the netzines crashed into double digits. Consequently, the minimum age for a person to use the net unsupervised in this country is 13 years old. Yet, most of the posts I read seem like they were written by people under the minium.

In stark contrast the first few years of the net was a place of intelligence, and creative thought. Likewise, it was a place of innovation and fun. Now, every moron with an opinion gains other morons support creating an endless cloud of foolishness.

Day after day I go through news feeds and general trends on the net, and day after day I am left in fear for my life. Because, stupid people ruin shit. This cloud of fools punches away at their keyboards, phones and even voice to text, spewing monumental stupidity and ignorance. All the while the intelligent people are abused for trying to set them straight.

Now get ready, I’m rounding on the point. Before you get angry and begin a stupid tirade about how I am a racist, I re-direct you here. Let’s be clear about this, I am not a racist, nor am I prejudice. I simply call it like I see it. When my feed blew up over these protests concerning the death of a man that no one would have heard of (if he hadn’t gotten killed by police). I was thinking ‘here we go again‘. <- my language checker suggested that I not be rude, even it is trying to censor me.

In the same fashion, I don’t give a fuck about how you feel. No one really gave a fuck about how I feel, so why should I return the favor? The brutal truth is that outside of the safety of your distance, no one really cares about how you feel. Not even the shrinks you pay to listen to you. They are in it for a pay check. About the only people who may care are your parents, if you’re lucky.

Truth be told, most of the protesters would have stepped over George Floyd and walked away. That sad, hypothetical, encounter could have happened anyway. Perhaps, if he was dying in the street from starvation.

However, in the beginning of these protests, it didn’t matter to me, the police have always been corrupt. They do need to be put in check. They do kill indiscriminately. It doesn’t matter if you are mentally ill, white, black, blue, orange, green, or puce. If you get on the wrong side of the wrong cop you could very well be murdered. Cops destroy peoples lives and don’t give it a thought. The only job they are preforming today is making money for the state/courts. That is why the courts back them up, they aren’t going to cut off their revenue.

Now, here is where I am going to piss readers off today (and any time a idiot reads this). Black lives don’t matter. White lives don’t matter. No human life matters, and especially blue lives don’t matter.

Here are some numbers that go up the very second I type. It will go up faster than 1 person per second.

The current population of the world is: 7,790,255,292 that number was moving so fast that I couldn’t copy and paste it. It is now, 7,790,255,382 and I type very fast.

Let’s put this perspective, if the Coronavirus killed 10 million people, it wouldn’t make a dent in our world population. You, me, and the rest of the idiots on this planet don’t make any difference what so ever. So take your fucking bleeding heart and stick a knife through it. Put the rest of us out of your misery.

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