Pronouns, Internet, and foolishness

What a title, eh? The fact that pronouns are still a thing is ridiculous. Let’s get one thing out of the way right off, I’ve been very clear from the beginning of this blog that I am a misanthrope.

misanthropemĭs′ən-thrōp″, mĭz′-


  1. One who hates or mistrusts humankind.
  2. A hater of mankind; one who harbors dislike or distrust of human character or motives in general.
  3. A hater of mankind; a misanthropist.

Misanthrope is not one of my pronouns, if there was a single word to define me it would be human. Everything else is extra, and everything else that I have been, throughout the years, comes and goes. Labels do not define people. Unfortunately, now days, Pronouns have become a source of division in our society.


Seriously, I do not give a shit about how you feel or what you do with your genitals. I would only care if you were using them to harm, even then I’m not sure if I want to hear or read about it.


The internet weaves its moronic spell on the masses, and it seems that now days being part of something is far more important than being an individual. I know of people who think they have some *.ism, only to realize later that it wasn’t the case. It’s disgusting, and as our world continues being divided, our rulers and those that provide for us are all laughing their way to the bank. Wait, they don’t even have to visit the bank, they have slaves to do it for them.

Red vs. blue, straight vs. gay, minority vs. minority. Even men vs. women, it’s pathetic and sad. This stupid strife makes you all look more like the fools you are than you already do. You’re all being played, and the sad thing is that you are too stupid to recognize it.

We are facing so many issues right now that will affect nearly every human being on the planet. In most cases, these problems are already going, and pronouns is not one of them. World War III is on the agenda, global warming with a slue of serious issues that come with it, is too. What do they give us for presidential hopefuls?

  • Biden: Who is very old and, and well, Democrat (Who aren’t very popular right now).
  • Trump: Jesus, this man is an out right seditious, rapist, criminal.
  • Desantis: Messing with Disney World, and don’t say gay. Oh, Florida.

It just goes on and on, and the further divisions between our two major parties leaves the rest of us holding the bag of their ineptitude. Hell, I’m pretty sure that congress isn’t even doing their jobs right now. Guess what, it’s your fault, you voted for these jackals.

There is a vast conspiracy to preach what we should think and do. I say it all the time, but 1984 was not a manual, it was a warning. News, movies, television, streaming services, social media, and peer censorship are all part of it. It isn’t only in our country either, it is worldwide. Just watch anime sometime.

You people, old or young, moron or genius, black, white, green, or orange need to start focusing on reality. Just because you think something or feel it, doesn’t make it real. Reality exists beyond you.