• Script Kiddies, Hacking And Other Lame Young People

    Script Kiddies, Hacking And Other Lame Young People

    You probably don’t know this, nor do you actually understand it, but I have been hacking since 1985. Of course, after a time I began legit penetration testing, network security, and I had a pseudo annoying career doing it for a living. Usually, I got hired as a coder, and when they noticed my network…

  • Alien


    I woke today after a strange dream. Hell, I woke yesterday after a very strange, sad dream. So, I ponder if these uncharacteristic dreams mean something. I’ve been recovering from the stress of a sundering. My life is in flames, and the only person I really trusted, turned on me. So, now I am floating…

  • Pronouns, Internet, and foolishness

    Pronouns, Internet, and foolishness

    I’ve been very clear from the beginning of this blog that I am a misanthrope

  • Android the joke’s on you

    Android the joke’s on you

    Fighting the man So, due to money problems like many of you out there, I was forced to get a phone. This was mainly due to do what I swore I would never do again, consulting. Being one of the few skills I have left that I can physically do is coding, sure I write,…

  • Sedition, Treachery and the American way

    Sedition, Treachery and the American way

    On January 6th 2021 the decadent masses of the United States of America stormed the castle, ie. the capital, in an act of stupidity fueled sedition. They didn’t protest loosing their jobs for only a pittance of relief from those who took their jobs away in the first place. They didn’t protest their continuing loss…

  • And Americans Fail Again

    And Americans Fail Again

    In the heat of the moment I was baffled. Every fact I offered he ignored. Every time I tried to point out that his words were not his own went off into the ether.

  • No life matters

    No life matters

    Truth be told, most of the protesters would have stepped over George Floyd and walked away, if he was dying in the street from starvation.

  • The Greatest Lie

    The Greatest Lie

    Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure helps

  • Magick after 5=6 pt 2

    Magick after 5=6 pt 2

    Coupled with the knowledge that magick didn’t exist, because what we call magick is simply coining a phrase for something else

  • Common Sense

    Common Sense

    Anyway, one of them looked at me with an anger born of fear. One that was so intense, her eyes were watering. Desperately she professed, “don’t say things like that, you are going to make it happen.”